First-Person Arena-Shooter

Team Size

9 Members

Time Duration

10 Weeks

Enter the battleground of Time’s Roulette, an adrenaline-fueled first-person online multiplayer arena-shooter that thrusts you into the metallic boots of powerful cyborgs

Game Design I Balancing I Quality Assurance

This was my second project, and it marks the first time I actively participated in game design. Subsequently, I took on responsibilities for balancing and playtesting.

Playeremotion + Gameplay Loop

The emotions we wanted to achieve with this game were particularly „Powerful“ and „Energetic“, which ultimately led us to a fast-movement shooter. The gameplay loop is relatively simple, yet it has gone through several iterations.

Weapon Design

Designing 5 different weapons with varying values for fire rates, damage at distances, ammunition count, and reload times, etc. They are named Robo, Electron, Nanite Rifle, Mech Magnum, and Nano Nova Launcher.


To ensure that the weapons have equal strengths, I balanced them. For this I used a Google Sheet document and rated the weapons according to criteria such as number of ammunition, rate of fire, distance, reload time, etc. In addition, I found a balance by determining how many points a player receives if he scores several kills in a row without dying. I created a count for this.


Especially with a multiplayer game, it is crucial to carry out extensive tests. For this reason, I regularly searched for bugs and documented them with pictures as soon as I found them. In this picture you can see that there was no character limit for the player name.


For our release, I created an itch.io page that describes the game and its features. In addition, all team members are named and their contact details are linked. All this is embellished with some screenshots.