Team Size

6 Members

Time Duration

10 Weeks

Power of Goo is a 2D pixel art platformer / metroidvania in which the player progresses through different levels and encounters various obstacles, be it the environment or a dangerous enemy. Over the course of the game, the player gains new abilities that he needs to access new areas.

Level Design

This was my first project. Together with another designer, two engineers and two artists, I decided on the level design and this is what I came up with:

Moodboards + Sketches

It started with simple sketches and the creation of mood boards for the setting. The plan was for the game to begin in the overworld in a mystical forest and for the character Goo to fall through a pit into the underground. His goal was to get out again.

Map Layout

After clarifying the features, I created a map overview to mark the individual areas. For a 10-week project, we decided to design one map and have the character walk through several rooms. This was iterated first: after the mystical forest was cut, I created a new map overview graphic that is only underground.


Then the blockout in Godot was created. The game should gradually become more challenging. Therefore, there are two tutorial rooms in which the player learns his basic skills. After these introductions, the Metroidvania adventure begins. If the player goes to the left from the hub room, he will quickly realise that he will not get any further here without further skills.

Room Goals

The rooms have different objectives. This is the key room, for example, which can be seen at the top left of the map layout. During the course of the game, Goo has walked past a chest and will therefore think that he needs a key. When he enters the room, he discovers a key above him –> Objective: Get the key.