Unreal Engine 5




Social Detective Stealth Multiplayer Game

Team Size

8 Members

Time Duration

10 Weeks

Dive into Crowd Diver, an asymmetrical social detective stealth multiplayer game where you can immerse yourself in the role of the Seeker, tasked with protecting the city from impending evil. Alternatively, you can become the Monster, seeking to wreak destruction and eliminate targets disguised.

Game Design

Ideas and concepts were created directly on Miro. I worked there on the tutorial design and smaller mockups for e.g. the UI.

I also created a mechanics document that describes the basic mechanics with their design goal and an explanation

Tools used: Miro, Google Docs

Quality Assurance + Playtesting

It was tested continuously, which was particularly important for this project. I looked for new bugs every day and, when I found them, documented them with pictures and videos and an explanatory text and communicated this well to the engineers.

I also organised 2 playtest events at the S4G, in which the first-year students in particular took part and wrote their feedback in the survey document I created. I was then able to analyse this and share it with the team

Tools used: Google Forms, Trello

Sound Design

I either recorded the sounds and music myself or sourced them from weloveindies.com. I then edited and cut them together using Adobe Audition. I inserted them into the engine and created a menu for the sound settings.

Tools used: Adobe Audition


For our first release, I created an itch.io page that describes the game and its features. In addition, all team members are named and their contact details are linked. All this is embellished with some screenshots.

Tools used: Itch.io